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Tailing the Komets

So what do you think so far?

I am very impressed with the defensive corp. Size, skill and skating and should just keep getting better. I could see the Komets keeping eight D with one on reserve and rotating them all season because of call-ups and injuries. There's not a weak link in the bunch.

Gary Graham is not satisfied with his forwards' balance and consistency yet, but they've scored four goals in each of the first two games. He's right, but they'd have killed to do that last year for two games in a row. Still need to work more defensively.

I saw lots of hitting this weekend and felt like both games were consistently intense. If  you saw both games, you can really tell the difference the size of the ice makes in the style of play. Indy has a smaller ice surface and coliseum is bigger. Felt like Komets wree able to expose some of the Fuel weaknesses on the larger ice, but that is still a good team. Both should get better.Definitely two completely different games in each city as far as gameplans and how the games were played.

Maybe because of the rivalry, opening nights and history, these felt a little like playoff games, or at least several players told me they did. Kind of got that sense from the crowds, too.They were heavily invested in both games.

Feel like the Komets are a better team potentially than they were last year with better overall depth, toughness and just as much speed, which is a little surprising since they are so much bigger than last year overall.


Sun, 10/19/2014 - 1:03pm

Felt I got my money's worth for sure. Have n't said that much over the last couple of years. I had fun and again, I haven't said that much the last few years. We have the potential to have a really nice team that will stand up for each other.

Frank Drebin
Sun, 10/19/2014 - 2:51pm

Looking good so far. Especially helps when #79 is putting the puck in the net. Optimistic vibe in the crowd last night compared to last year. Maybe these affiliations are the key? Size wise Indy has a big team on the ice but we handled them well. Keep it going K's.

Sun, 10/19/2014 - 4:59pm

Two great games! Indy was a little tense and then BOOM! Liked the hustle on all 3 lines and the players working together! Let's have a great year Komets!


Sun, 10/19/2014 - 8:27pm

too early to tell but thru the first two games i saw things i didnt see a lot of the last two years.   1. i saw a lot of hitting   2. i saw guys standing up for teammates  3. i saw hustle in the third period. 4. and i saw guys who acted like they enjoyed each other and were playing for the other guy  and finally  5.  i saw guys actually protect the goaler 

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 6:04am

6. Komet fans have a team to be proud of.

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 11:40am

Didnt make it to opening night.

How did the ticketing checking process work out with such a large crowd? 

I did hear that the red coats were refusing to let individulas with tickets in the 200 sections go up to the 600's to talk with friends.

That is the type of ticket checking policy that will drive people away in a hurry.



Mon, 10/20/2014 - 11:57am

Entertaining, but...1) clean up defensive zone turnovers and 2) improve penalty killing. 

Mon, 10/20/2014 - 2:46pm

Both games great. Comebacks show character this early. Indy Fairgrounds is a great place to watch a game now. Highly recommend the road trip.  Cozy and loud. Be careful where you enter. Do NOT enter off Binford or you will be sent to the bermuda triangle of lots in which you will get stuck  and cannot move. Its the infield of the horse track.  Park off 38th if you can.

No one ever asked to look at my ticket. They did in the preseason games but not at all saturday night.  Even if they did want to look at a ticket not sure why that would create any fuss.   

Tue, 10/21/2014 - 12:21pm

My son and I sat in 604 Saturday. I told him to be sure and keep his ticket because of what I read about the exhibition games. We went all over before the game and between periods and nothing. Just like it's always been. We only go to the 200 lobby because the choices for food and drink are better, not to steal seats we didn't pay for.