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Tailing the Komets

Ks need to play smarter to play better against Walleye


Thu, 11/20/2014 - 12:15pm

I'm proud of the Komets and the 4-2 road trip.  Problem is that the two losses came against the team they needed to beat. 

No time to panic, plenty of "season" left, but this may be a time for the management to step back and assess.  Here are some facts.  Fort Wayne is 10-3, played six consecutive road games, and won four.  Toledo is smack dab in the middle of an eight or nine game home stand and has gotten points in each game. 

What I find disturbing after watching both games (thanks MyTV) is how much quicker Toledo is than Fort Wayne.  They are spot on with their passes during a PP and move the puck so much faster than our favorite team.  They get to loose pucks quicker and tend to always be in "scoring" areas on the ice.  The Toledo PK comes out and challenges the opposing forwards.  The K's tend to stay back trying to block passing lanes .  The K's powerplay looks disorganized when compared to Toledo.  Rarely getting any shots from inside the dots or in the slot.

Defensively their goaltender Lerg is having a "career" year so far.  Great goaltending can take you an awful long way and cover up many "team" mistakes.  But for now I think Toledo is forcing their will on other teams, playing the game that they want to play.  Talent can do that.

I've got no problem with the Komets, really.  They are bigger up front than what were used to.  But sometimes I'm wondering if that might be a problem.  I'm not advocating any type of abandonment of roster strategy.  But I'm thinking a smaller, quicker, good hands center might be in order.  Someone who chirps and scores.  The k's have enough size to protect someone like that.

Defensively they either need to pay more attention to the scoring lanes, get some players who can skate as well as their opponents, or just plain make it hard for forwards to get comfortable in the attacking zone.

Rosters in the ECHL are fluid.  Todays great team is next week's memory.

I love the Komets make-up.  I don't think Petryk nor Meurs is any help (but that's life as an affiliate).

Like I said, this may be a good time for management to assess where everything is.