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Tailing the Komets

Komets notes


Wed, 12/17/2014 - 11:22am

I'm happy that Colorado is satisfied with the affiliation arrangement.  Providing help along with developing their players is their main objective.  Still it's pretty ironic, when as soon as these nice words leave his mouth, he follows up by stating he's taking two more back home (including the #1 goaltender).  With the injuries sustained by the Colorado goaltenders, maybe they should think about making a trade to soothe over their shortages.

I don't have a problem at all with calling players up. This is the nature of a "developmental" league.  It provides opportunity for the players who get called up, and encouragement for the others that they also may get their chance.  My problem has always been when a guy gets called up and then doesn't dress.

Good for Nagle.  He deserves a chance to be seen.  He's been outstanding this year.  (Ironically, I thought his weakest game was against Toledo Sunday, as he never seemed comfortable and looked as if he was fighting the puck the whole game)!

Selfishly I hope Nagle will be sent back before the weekend.  But I think the Franke's had better be prepared to face this stuff for the long haul.  Lots of games coming up soon. 

If everything stays the way it is this morning, the Komets better be prepared to play a smothering defense and maybe get a little boring offensively. 

Let's see how this all plays out before Friday's road game.

By the way, the Florida Panther-Washington Capital shootout was just outstanding.  I ran into it on the NHL network and was thoroughly entertained.  Twenty shooters!  Wow!



Wed, 12/17/2014 - 4:36pm

Asan..I agree with you. .as I stated before Embach looked off as well. .sometimes I feel they r trying 2 hard at home and appear nervous. .love Nagle..new he would go..interesting 2 c Syd and others may go as well. .sure hope we find a goalie. .maybe we could barter with Evansville for Meisners..services?

Best of luck coming up K's...

Thu, 12/18/2014 - 11:11am

"Colorado happy with affiliation". 

Well somebody is not happy. 

Nathan Condon has apparently signed with a team named Sparta Sarbsborg in Norway.

With Crowder out,  Schrock recovering, and Heard gone, the Komets have now lost one of their centers.  No one knows how long Meurs will be here...and while Crowder and Schrock will return at some point, I think the K's better be working on a front line center (or even just a forward) who will put the puck in the net.  ( I realize that finding such a guy will be tough and will probably include some "baggage" along with him).  This may be a time where the "locker room" comraderie and leadership may have to overcome any distraction that comes along. 

I don't have any faceoff "won" statistics, but I bet the Komets aren't thrilled by losing a playmaker center.  He is a Colorado guy, so most of the "blame" probably starts with them.

As the Komets number of forwards dwindles, I would contend that Beebe and Perlini aren't the players that would numb any nerves.

Whether Nagle returns or not, Colorado and Lake Erie better start helping the K's.  And soon.