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Tailing the Komets

Leach gets call-up

Defenseman Joey Leach has been called up to Lake Erie of the AHL. The Komets have activated Ian Barteaux off reserve to take his spot in the lineup. It will be interesting to see what Gary Graham does with his pairings. Leach has been playing with Drew Daniels. 


Wed, 12/31/2014 - 6:19pm

Any word when Paul Crowder comes back? Is he skating in practice?

Blake Sebring
Wed, 12/31/2014 - 6:44pm

Skating, but it's not going to be a quick thing. Schrock is also skating, but not participating in full-contact drills yet. 

Wed, 12/31/2014 - 7:08pm

I was told by a reliable source that Shrock has double vision right now. How could he be skating with something like that, Blake?

Blake Sebring
Wed, 12/31/2014 - 7:14pm

He's skating before practice. 

As for Crowder, high ankle sprains are a bear to get over and take about twice as long as a regular angle sprain.

Jimmy Snyder
Wed, 12/31/2014 - 9:59pm

It's that time of year.

The Komets will make the playoffs and lose in the first round.

Their strength of schedule is ranked dead last in the east.

It's nice to be in first but when you play the weakest schedule it doesn't help come playoff time.

Take it to the bank, call your bookie, this is better info then passing along a tip the Bears would win.

Thu, 01/01/2015 - 10:22am

I hope you are wrong, Jimmy, but my gut feeling is you absolutely correct in everything you said. I have felt the same way about the competition.

Blake Sebring
Thu, 01/01/2015 - 11:34am

Definitely a concern. We'll find out a lot more on road trips coming up to the South.

Thu, 01/01/2015 - 12:36pm

The ECHL plays an unbalanced schedule...and you can only play the team you are scheduled against.  The amalgamation of the CHL teams convoluted it even more.

The "season" isn't even half over.  To try to predict what one team will do in the playoffs is kind of absurd (and getting way, way ahead of ourselves).

Logically I think that Toledo may have the best team in the division (with Fort Wayne being very close).  So, when you play most of your games within your division, and there are two teams presently with excellent records,  I have to assume that those two are just beating up the other five reducing the value on the others.

Who would've thought the Komets would have ousted Reading last year?  But they did.

Who can predict injuries?

But maybe the most important thing is this:  How can you tell which NHL teams and AHL teams will not make their playoffs?  Players sent down, as teams become eliminated, always alter the rosters of the ECHL teams.

So would I make that bet (or any bet) or be concerned?  No.  I'm more concerned with the game against Wheeling and then I will be concerned about the Saturday game against Toledo.  It will be intersesting to "see" how they fare on their next road trip, but I'm not willing to lose all hope for success regardless the outcome.

I recognize that anything is possible, and there are areas of the Komets play that I'd like to see improve, but I also recognize that whoever the opponent is, they are professionals too.

Changing the subject.  Am I wrong in thinking that Max Strang didn't want to come back to Fort Wayne because he wanted to stay in Pensacola?  I thought I'd read that somewhere, and I bring it up because he was called up to Greeneville and then suspended.