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Tailing the Komets

Which Captain Komet?

Which do you prefer, the old or the new?


Sun, 12/14/2014 - 4:52pm

OLD!!! By a landslide!

Sun, 12/14/2014 - 5:40pm

New ones. Better overall design,and who doesn't love the K's in orange!

Sun, 12/14/2014 - 7:14pm

old of course!  its retro and pays homage to our history.  we can always use both cause who only has one jersey anymore? 

Sun, 12/14/2014 - 8:12pm

I will say I love the back of these new style jerseys. I know that sounds funny, but the way the small amount of white comes off the sleve and down the side it really made the orange pop!

Blake Sebring
Sun, 12/14/2014 - 8:22pm

I just hate the cheesy grin. 

Sun, 12/14/2014 - 10:14pm

thats what made it unique!

Blake Sebring
Sun, 12/14/2014 - 10:21pm

It's what makes it clownish, I think. 

Just Me
Mon, 12/15/2014 - 7:47am

That grin makes the spaceman look like a deranged maniac.  Hate it.

Mon, 12/15/2014 - 11:17am

Quite frankly, I like both of them.

The old, purely for the sake of nostalgia.  The new because it is modern.  (The only thing I didn't care for regarding the "new" was I was hoping the Orange would be a brighter orange.

As the season progresses closer to the second "half", I would much rather see them wear the orange sweaters than their present dark road uniforms for the last half of the season.