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Tailing the Komets

Komets notes


Wed, 01/28/2015 - 11:23am

Man, isn't this season a lot more fun than last season? 

When this season began, who would've looked at this weekend's games and have any idea of the interest or importance?  Example #1.  Daniels twin brother plays for Elmira.  #2.  Even though Bartkus played a strong game against Wheeling, I wouldn't start him against Elmira.  I'd start Will as I'd want him to be game-ready for Toledo. I hope the team isn't looking past Elmira to the Toledo game!  Everybody along the Maumee River knows and understands the importance of the Toledo game (4 point game).  The Komets will virtually be putting a "new" team on the ice with the additions of Higgs and Lowry. 

I've found it very interesting how the media (both local newspapers, radio, and TV), while reporting the  Frazee-Lowry trade, use the terminology "forward" when speaking of Frazee and "center" when describing Lowry.

I also find it interesting that, even though the komets strength may be at defense, they traded a center.  If everything works out, they will find themselves at an abundance of forwards soon (as they will also be at defense, especially when Tam returns).  Is there another move on its way?

It's apparent that Schrock will be back soon.  Probably very soon.  Graham was quoted in the above story, "Now it's just going to see when is the right time to get him back into the lineup after talking with management as the week progresses."

When he returns, I'm sure he'll be the 10th forward, maybe play the penalty kill a bit until he gets in game shape.  But as RG2 has been very consistent in asking about the salary cap, his return may be the case in determining the rest of the team's makeup. 

Maybe Crowder returns in a week.  Start paying attention to the situation at forward.  It's getting crowded and without Petryk or Meurs getting called up to Lake Erie, some very familiar names are either going on reserve or getting traded.  (Personally my first choice would be Perlini, although I like him, then Severyn, then Ouellet).

I'll give the Franke's a lot of credit...they are trying to make "moves" to better the team.  My hope...and my trust is they will use talent as their gauge and not the paycheck.

Yep, this season has gotten pretty interesting and fun.

Wed, 01/28/2015 - 3:13pm

Alan, I think we were split at birth or you were the kid we kept in the attic. Great minds think alike. Is this like a hockey soap opera or what!!!  lets hear some organ music in the background...With Crowder and probably( eventually) Faille coming back, there will be a couple very good players in the stands each night. I think the team shifts back to almost opening night. I think Crowder and Pistilli play as well together as any two forwards in this league.  Looking forward to hopefully seeing that soon.   As I have said before, this is as talented team skill wise since 1999 Old IHL.    cant with for this weekend!  

  What happens if Heard gets sent back? Im sure he will be on the playoff roster.  As the world turns....