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Tailing the Komets

Martin finally shuts up his big brother


Tue, 01/20/2015 - 12:45pm

Skip this post if you are unwilling to spend the time it takes reading it!


This "all-star" thing is a nice tribute to Martin, for sure.  And as the game is being played, I'm wondering if either or both Franke brothers will attend.  Seems like a good place to rub shoulders with other GMs. 

I heard that Blake thinks the Komets could use another center.  I agree with that plus I still think that they need to take a hard look at their current set of forwards.  By my figuring the K's are 3-2-1 during the last six games.  In those games the forwards have scored 11 goals...and those goals have been concentrated by two each for Ouellet, Meurs, and Pistilli.  Embach has three. (Szydlowski, gone now, and Severyn have the other two).

Gary Graham has challenged his team to reflect on the teams' situation during this break.  Ok.  But I would also challenge Dave Franke to work his contacts, phones, whatever is necessary to bolster the lineup.

I've read with interest other bloggers opinions on who would be trade bait.  Defense is usually a needed commodity and the K's may have to go that direction.  Many think that Krug would be a guy to go.  I don't know if other teams see him that valuable (especially being a veteran).  I think Sol would bring some interest, maybe Lacasse.  But if the K's were even thinking of trading Krug or Sol, it could be only one of them because they don't really have an enforcer.

Petryk will be safe as long as Lake Erie wants him here, but I would suggest that when (if) the Komets receive Faille and Szydlowski back, there are roster spots waiting.  Bushbacher, Thomas, Perlini are on the bubble.  (I'm not as sold on Severyn as many others seem to be, and I wish Ouellet would erase the doubt from my mind as I recognize his skill).

Somewhere along the line Crowder will return and so will Schrock.  The Komets have a fine defenseman whom I hope will come back healthy in Mikel Tam.

The trick now is to bolster the offense (forwards) and hope the callups get back in a hurry, and the injured can heal and contribute.

My "gut" feeling is that, except for Nagle, we may see the AHL guys before the Toledo game.  I'd like to think that some roster movement (help) will occur before then also.

The roster needs help.  It has taken too many "hits" the last couple of weeks, and "holes" need to be plugged, lines restored, and players back in familiar positions.  Every team needs help once in a while and it's up to the GM to provide. 

I'm not trying to be GM, I'm just a paying fan who sees a need, and wanted to put my opinion on the record.

Besides, I warned you this would be long.  If you read it, it was your choice, LOL.


Tue, 01/20/2015 - 1:24pm

I read your post Alan, and agree with it.  I think Sol or Krug could go...Sol has been taken advantage of to many times by teams and allowed too many odd man rushes resulting in goals.

Certainly I would love to see just one of the players up get back...my choice...Nagle.

All that being said...I and my wife would like to congratulate Blake on a job well done during your career.  We have only been here for part of it and have enjoyed it while we have lived here...outstanding job and great to have you here as IMO the only Komets sports coverage worth reading or listening to....again congratulation.


Hit The Post
Tue, 01/20/2015 - 1:56pm

Interesting post Alan. While I certainly agree we need more scoring diversity, you look forward to Schrocks return? In review of his numbers for the last few years I dont see how you arrive at that conclusion. He certainly doesnt score or assist in setting up goals ( the very area we need help in). His role as an enforcer has not been missed nor has the spot he had on the roster. Time for him to hang 'em up.

Tue, 01/20/2015 - 3:17pm

1) Relax, everybody.  Unless we get some indication that some of these folks are never coming back, our problems are temporary.  Trading down to the minimum number of defensemen leaves us open to future call-up/injury issues. 

2) I seem to remember Tam's injury being called "season-ending"  Am I remembering wrong?

3) HTP, there are other roles for a hockey player besides being a 30+ goal scorer or having 300 penalty minutes with a trail of bodies in his wake, like being a defensive pest or a locker room leader.   Come back soon, Schrocky

4) Yes, Bushbacher is first on the bubble.  I don't think he skated a single shift Sunday.  I like what I see from Thomas, though.

Wed, 01/21/2015 - 11:08am

Hello, Hit The Post.

The argument, discussion, or however one chooses to label it regarding Schrock is a moot point with me.  Yes, I know he's not going to be a scorer.  I know his fighting days are over (at least for this year).  But I also know he will be back regardless of how valuable  (or not) one may judge him. 

Personally I had always thought that being a veteran was a high price for the "roster" to pay.  But, saying that, I also realize that  his style, speed, and hustle can be well placed on a roster that has enough scoring and skill.  It takes a lot of pieces to make up the puzzle a roster is.  Before all the callups and other injuries, this Fort Wayne squad may have been a good example.

So, in my opinion, it is a matter of "when" not "if".

He is popular in the dressing room, he certainly loves the Komets and hockey, and if his presence has a positive effect on the team, I'm all for it.

Regardless, my hope is that when he returns, he is as healthy as possible.  His eyesight is totally more important than anything hockey can provide.