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Tailing the Komets

An old trick

When I just started covering the Komets in 1990, I asked Al Sims for a tip on how to learn the game. "Watch a player for an entire shift without watching the puck." You could easily tell who was playing hard and who wasn't. Watch who is skating straight up instead of knees bent and in position. Who is skating hard on and off line changes? Who is only skating hard when they have the puck?

Let me know what you see. 


Sat, 01/31/2015 - 9:15pm

Not many

Sat, 01/31/2015 - 9:50pm

Who was that team in the 3rd by far one of their best periods of hockey

Sat, 01/31/2015 - 10:16pm

That last double shifted PK when Sol threw Kruger off the ice changed my mind on his effort tonight. He was a beast for that Kill!!!

Sat, 01/31/2015 - 10:45pm

Great comeback. Shows character. Still have not caught my breath watching the last two minutes. WOW. Too much fun.  Petryk needs an old native Canadian indian from Manitoba to come in and bless his stick(s).   

True That
Sat, 01/31/2015 - 10:51pm

Big win. If Cody Sol would play all the time like he did in the end of the game he would be in the AHL. When he told Krug to get off the ice I thought he better man up and he did in a big way. Good job.

Sat, 01/31/2015 - 11:05pm

Hardest skaters tonight were Pistilli and Perlini by far and I'm glad it showed up in the scoring sheet.  

Blake Sebring
Sat, 01/31/2015 - 11:07pm

I agree, Zach, and I thought Schrock also skated his backside off tonight. He was blocking shots, covering open men that others had lost track of. He was all over ice on defense. 

Sat, 01/31/2015 - 11:53pm

And to some people Schrock can't play or doesn't contribute. The naysayers are pretty quiet tonight.

Best win of the year by far. Sol played awesome tonight. Six on three at the end of the game and we still win? Hats off to those guys tonight. Great win.

Sun, 02/01/2015 - 12:18am

I am here and I am one who said Schrock can not play and I stand by that. There are better players setting if he wasn't from Fort Wayne he would not be on this team.

Sun, 02/01/2015 - 4:40am

Srand by anything you want, just open your eyes. Great to see the team come back tonight great effort by all!

Sun, 02/01/2015 - 10:52am

Instead of celebrating a great comeback, everything gets embroiled around Schrock.  I will state again, and for the last time, there is a place for Schrock.  But I believe that place is on a roster (kinda like Toledo) where his scoring would be just a plus, and he could be free to agitate.  I have never questioned his hustle.  Just stated a couple days ago how his love for hockey, Fort Wayne, and the Komets is evident.

I can't make it any clearer and it is not my problem that certain fans can't understand that fact.

Things are beginning to happen at different hockey levels.  I'm wondering how much different this roster may look in 10 days or so.

From my view, I thought Quaille did a very respectful job last night (especially just joining the team and being part of a huge game).

I was pretty impressed with Lowry also.  Had much more success in the faceoff circle.  Much more than against Elmira (his first game here).

I was impressed by Higgs also.  Impressions of Lowry and Higgs are just "snapshots", of course, but they look like they are guys to keep around and help the Komets to the playoffs.

(But then again I wasn't watching anyone's knees).

Oh, and by the way, I wonder if that woman from Toledo (had on a road Walleye jersey and was behind the Komet net ) who stood up and "whoooo'd after both walleye goals for an abrasive amount of time, had much to say after the game.

Actually a friend who sits in that same section mentioned to me that a Toledo fan (male) was making fun of the Komets mascot "Icy".  I guess the reason was because  an Eagle has nothing to do with the komets.  To try to explain the relationship and how the Salt Lake City Golden Eagles' mascot made its way to Fort Wayne would have been troubling and just too complicated. 

I think I would've said, "yeah we're pretty mixed up on our mascots, but we definitely know the nickname of our team.  Lets see, you have a fish for a mascot and have been the Mercurys, Blades, Goaldiggers, Hornets, Storm, amd now the Walleye.  I think I'd just leave it alone, buddy!"

Sun, 02/01/2015 - 4:51pm

Alan is there anything you arent a self proclaimed expert on?  Give us all a break

Hit the Post
Mon, 02/02/2015 - 1:07am

It does seem Alan thinks rather highly of himself. I find it to be comic relief.

Mon, 02/02/2015 - 2:05pm

Alan, without your blogs, the blog page would be a lot shorter but at the same time would not have as much heart. Dont change a thing.   

Mon, 02/02/2015 - 3:14pm

Agree RG2, it's a blog for fans to post their thoughts, comments, experiences...Alan is a good highly educated contributor. Thanks for all the insight. I enjoy Blakes storys, I also look forward to what other people think, everybody sees and perceives things different. Don't change a thing Alan.

Tue, 02/03/2015 - 12:10am

I'd like to respectfully third on behalf of Alan aswell. Alan offers insight and solution to help us picture whats going on in his eyes. If everyone is so afraid of what Alan says and fear he will inherit the Komets by his mental power, then its time to join Johnny Football, a.k.a Johnny Rehab. Keep posting Alan, I have always read your posts whether I agreed or not.