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Tailing the Komets

Role players stepping up to help Komets keep up


Sat, 01/17/2015 - 12:08pm

I thought Kyle Thomas looked right at home.  Especially when you consider the small amount of time he's had getting to familiarize himself with his linemates and the systems.  If I had never seen this team and someone would've challenged me to pick out the guys sent down from the AHL, or Thomas from the SPHL, I would've had a tough time doing it.  At least for one game.

Very glad to see Frazee back.  He was a monster in the faceoff circle last night.

Barteaux let loose a wicked shot, didn't he?  Very nice to see the D-men putting some pucks in the net.

Michael Franke stated on the radio show this morning that the Komets would travel the 5 1/2 hour bus trip to Wheeling on the day of the first game next week.  I thought that to be kind of odd that they would'nt want to get there a day before, sleep, get some ice time, and then play.  Anybody else hear that?  Anybody else think that's odd?

Kalamazoo has two tough goalies.  Every game is important and the next two are also.

Anybody heard anything about Ouellet? He blocked a puck late in the game.  Not sure I remember if he came back.

I want all these guys to get a chance at bettering themselves in their careers.  But it's mighty frustrating when Nagle, Szydlowski, and Faille don't play.

Real nice crowd last night and they got rewarded with a real nice effort from the team.