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Tailing the Komets

Slow start kills Komets in Kalamazoo


Sat, 01/17/2015 - 10:39pm

They looked awful. All the call ups and injuries caught up with them.

Sun, 01/18/2015 - 10:36am

Blake, I've got a question for you...and my curiosity stems from this "1,000th Komet game coverage" stuff that your fellow beat writer has made us aware of.

How many have you covered? Have you kept track or thought of it as a milestone of sorts?  And I also wonder how many Bud Gallmeier covered?

I knew Gallmeier and I'd describe him as your prototypical sportswriter in very many ways.  I liked him, his stories, and found his manner to be pretty unique.  But he lived and worked in a totally different era.  I know the Komets played many fewer games in the early '50s and into the '60s, travel was harder, and communication was certainly different, but he was at the News for about 35 years, right?

Anyway, like I said, just curious. 

The game last night is one that's probably better off to be forgotten.  But if they lose today it will mean two in a row.  And the record will be over just as soon as it was set.


Blake Sebring
Sun, 01/18/2015 - 10:43am

Alan, I do have a few years on Justin, but I've never kept track. Yes, Bud did it for 35 years and he never kept track, either, though with his memory he could probably figure it out in about five seconds. My goal is to get to 34 years and then retire or switch to something else as a way to honor Bud. 

Sun, 01/18/2015 - 12:15pm

Once players get a player of week they suddenly forget how to play.

Sun, 01/18/2015 - 1:40pm

Thanks for the answer.  Obviously I wasn't sure or I wouldn't have asked the question but I found it interesting.

Really, in many ways, I find quality more important than quantity anyhow.

By the way, nothing to do with this, but last night Bob said on the radio that we are all done with the Walleye (or Walleyes, as he likes to call them).  Is that true?  Don't they come to Fort Wayne the 31st, or did that game get switched to the CHL division too?


Sun, 01/18/2015 - 1:43pm

Bruce, are you pinning the loss on Will?

The Komets, as they are constructed today, have to play a close forechecking, play the man, stifling defense.  That didn't happen last night.


Sun, 01/18/2015 - 2:53pm

Alan..could not agree more on the quality versus quantity discussion!

Sun, 01/18/2015 - 3:06pm

You can't pin that loss on Will. I keep seeing comments about our defense but there is one d-man that is killing us more than others. Sol!!! Tell me I am not the only one that can see this. Yesterday was a great example. The guy doesn't use his size and has a weak check. He can't pass the puck stick to stick. 95% off his passes are into the boards or icing. I think it was the first goal, he could not get the puck out of the zone,turned it over, which led to a goal. On the second goal, the puck was deflected off him. He does have a good shot but doesnt take enough shots. It's not just yesteday though. As the season goes on, i feel like many players are getting better but i don't see the improvement from him. I was expecting more from him this year but maybe that is this problem.

Sun, 01/18/2015 - 3:29pm

We for sure be better off with Sol in the stands rather than on the ice. I figure the other team has a man advantage with him on the ice.