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Opening Arguments

Damage control

If Barack Obama is our first "post-American president," does Jeb Bush want to be the second? Both of them are deeply unhappy with America as it exists today, and both want to fundamentally change it. Obama's thoughts about the country's failings have been extensively explored. Bush's, not so much:

Despite what some might say, the problem here is not that Jeb’s wife is from Mexico, their kids grew up speaking Spanish, and they live in a Latin American cultural enclave in the U.S. — it’s that he wants to use government policy to “fix” America by making it more like Miami. If Jeb had so little affection for and grounding in his own heritage that he wanted to assimilate into a Latin-American milieu, that’s a perfectly legitimate choice; I know a number of non-Armenians who’ve basically chosen to assimilate into Armenian life. But to try to impose that personal choice on the nation as a whole is beyond the pale. We don’t need another president who thinks Americans are defective and need to be fixed by the State.
I've long given up on the idea of getting a shief executive who truly understands the role of the president, whose main job as caretaker of our heritage requires mostly that he mostly try not to screw things up. I think Calvin Coolidge is the last president of that caliber we will ever have. But can we at least stop electing people who want to drastically change the country? They have done quite enough damage already.