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Opening Arguments

Spring forward

Don't forget to set your clocks ahead this weekend, and, of course, curse the damn gub'ment for making you do it:

Every November, people curl up in their warm beds thanking their lucky stars for that extra hour of sleep. The spring, however, is another story. In March, daylight saving time is not quite so popular, causing people to be pulled from their beds an hour early.
The case against daylight saving time goes far beyond the mild inconvenience many will feel on March 8. It turns out, there is a ton of data that points to the negative effects the change in time has on our bodies. In addition, its energy-saving benefits have been hotly debated.
DST, according to the story, could, among other things, result in more heart attacks, increase the suicide risk for vulnerable individuals, increase workplace injuries and even lower SAT scores. It should probably come with a warning label, huh?


Thu, 03/05/2015 - 3:24pm

  Never miss a chance to take a pot shot at the "damn gub' ment" right Leo?  Just curious as to why the increased health risks you mention aren't a concern when a corporation mandates night shifts and swing/rotating shifts? It's alright if a corporation forces employees into lousy work schedules that have long term health effects but not alright for the "damn gub' ment" to deprive you of an extra hour's sleep? Really? Must be a slow news day.