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Tailing the Komets

Game 7 preview


Wed, 05/13/2015 - 12:46pm

Yes, it's true that the Toledo-Fort Wayne playoff possibilities for next year have dwindled.  But, really, with the ECHL being such a "fluid" league, who can really tell the future beyond next year?

I've posted many times my frustrations with the illogical (my choice of words here) decisions of this league.  I mean, using geography as the rule, you'd think Kalamazoo would be going west and not Fort Wayne.  I would suggest that the league decision makers probably (and maybe rightly so) thought that Fort Wayne could afford the extra travel better than Kalamazoo.  Even though some have used the  "it will be great to renew the old CHL and Colorado rivalries again",  I'm not so sure that I buy into that. 

My belief is that until the AHL gets settled in a truly western conference ( and existing franchise agreements have been fulfilled), there will be more movement and Fort Wayne being in the western conference with Alaska, and Colorado may be temporary.

There are other reasons that I've left off for the sake of brevity. 

Wed, 05/13/2015 - 12:59pm

I am still hoping to see the Komets in their "orange" tonight.

These are the type of games where reputations and legacies are made.  Heroes can be created or disappointments will be endured. This is the biggest game of the season.  Maybe there will be more, but this is the game for now.  Sometimes the best players step up when they have the most to lose, the most pressure, where they find that extra bit of skill and drive and prevail.  The Komets have a few guys who are due for a big game. Who will be the hero tonight?

Game 7, an elimination game for both teams.