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Tailing the Komets

Szydlowski update

Komets have announced Shawn Szydlowski is out for the rest of the playoffs.



Thu, 05/07/2015 - 12:41pm

Ive always felt that if a player injures another player on an illegal hit and it causes that player to be unable to play, that the guilty player should be suspended until such time the injured player is medically cleared to return. Maybe That would make players think twice about some of the hits they lay out. Now we have to do without our leading scorer and Toledo loses Jenk for 1 game only...does not seem right to me. I hope  Szyd gets better and GO KOMETS!

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 2:28pm

Truly unfortunate news.  Without knowing what damage was done nor the extent of the injury, all we can hope for is a complete recovery and continuance of his hockey career.

Seems as if somewhere along the line someone reported that he was already having a problem with one of his knees.  Didn't pay any attention where the news came from...but I'm certain I read it and it was about Szydlowski.

So...who steps in?  Clarke, Ouellet, and Lowry are the options at forward (unless Graham decides to play nine forwards and dress an extra defenseman.  Graham wouldn't do that, would he?

Clarke has the experience.  Ouellet is capable of taking over a game, but he hasn't shown that many times this year.  Lowry is firey and can take faceoffs.  Has scored a shorty in the series.

Maybe "firey" is exactly what the Komets need.  Following along...

Here is a thought I've had (and I don't want this to be construed as any type of criticism).  But if the Krug thing hadn't happened, his presence might have been a perfect complement for the series.  Lots think that Barteaux or Lacasse (or both), some even Sol, are weakening the team. 

But Krug is gone.  No one's fault except his own. 

But this series (and the way it's going) and his style of play, sure seem to be made for each other.

Again, hoping for a complete recovery for Szydlowski.


Thu, 05/07/2015 - 2:51pm

Lowry..Nagle as well

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 3:22pm

Can the suspension be extended based on the severity of the injury now disclosed?

If all u get is one game why not go after more players?.. seems like a small price 2 pay!

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 3:54pm

Equating the length of a suspension to severity of the injury....Really.....CLUELESS

Thu, 05/07/2015 - 4:00pm

Well I guess then with that altitude anyone can go headhunting

Muel.. agree with you!..not others..who will remain NAMELESS!