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Opening Arguments

Go left or get left?

This is moderately amusing. Scrath that. It's borderline hilarious:

Public opinion is moving so quickly on gay marriage that even its supporters are struggling to keep up.

Such in the case in Indiana, which was at the center of the national LGBT-rights debate this spring after a "religious freedom" bill was met with overwhelming opposition from voters and business leaders. In a state where same-sex marriage only become legal in 2014, this year's backlash against the measure was an unpleasant surprise for state Republicans, including Gov. Mike Pence, whose image and approval suffered in the wake of the controversy.

Now, with two statewide races looming in 2016, some Indiana Democrats are wondering if they too are lagging behind public opinion. Former Democratic Rep. Baron Hill formally announced his intention to run for Senate on Wednesday, and former Indiana State House Speaker John Gregg said in late April he would challenge Gov. Mike Pence a second time after narrowly losing to him in 2012.

Neither candidate, however, has a particularly progressive record on LGBT rights, and while some in the party say that's still a politically advantageous position for middle-of-the-road Indiana—others are worried that the candidates' lack of progressive credentials would hamper their bids.

Whoo. Yes, public opinion has shifted on gay marriage, even here in stodgy middle-of-the-road Indiana. But, seriously, how can anyone think a candidate's progressiveness is on the top of Hoosier voters' wish list? OK, maybe in the Democratic primary, it might be a tie-breaker for a few voters in the candidates are equal in other ways. But in the general election? The most vigorous supporter of LGBT issues is the one wins?

Some people are so caught up in the echo chamber, or in that bubble, if you will, that they become downright delusional. (And conservatives get accused of that a lot.) I do think that is the case here.

". . . worried that the candidates' lack of progressive credentials would hamper their bids." God, that's a funny line.

Yeah, "racing to keep up with public opinion," that's what I want in a candidate, such a sign of, you know, leadership.