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Trash talk

A different perspective on gay marriage:

If you put something out with the trash, the police can search it without a warrant. Anyone walking by can take it. Although it's still on your property, it's not really yours anymore; you've relinquished your claim to it. And that's exactly what done with marriage. We might as well let gays have it. We're not using it.

[. . .]

Shirttail religion

Being "persecuted as a Christian" doesn't seem to be quite the hazard it was in earlier times:

Dyker Neyland says she fought for her daughter's right to attend Irving's Thomas Haley Elementary School wearing an untucked shirt because of her religious beliefs as a Christian.

Devil went down to

Devil, I command you to . . . whoops!

A man who says he tried to cast demons from a 14-year-old autistic boy from southern Indiana has been convicted on charges that he injured the teen during the exorcism.

A Monroe County jury on Tuesday found 24-year-old Eddie Uyesugi guilty of felony charges of battery and criminal confinement.

You wanna make an omelet, right? I think this counts as inflicting your religion on someone.

All skewed up

From time to time, we feel the need to point out that the weekly poll we run on the editorial page is meant for entertainment only. It is not designed as a "scientific" poll, and we've never claimed it is. This is one of those times.

We can usually count on a couple of hundred votes for the poll, although we've passed the thousand mark a few times. We did a poll a few years ago about whether our newspaper should publish the county gun-carry-permit database online. Word was passed around on gun-enthusiast Web sites, and we got a few thousand votes.

Faith matters

What a strange, strange magazine Newsweek is becoming. First, it told us we are all socialists now. Then, it told us to just accept radical Islam as a fact of life. Now, it trumpets "the end of Christian America":

To the surprise of liberals who fear the advent of an evangelical theocracy and to the dismay of religious conservatives who long to see their faith more fully expressed in public life, Christians are now making up a declining percentage of the American population.

A matter of faith

A lot of people are mad at Tony Dungy, of all people. The White House has invited him --"another gay rights opponent," as On Top magazine's Web site puts it -- to join its Advisory Council on Faith-Based and Neighborhoold Partnerships. Dungy spoke at a fundraiser for the Indiana Family Institute, which apparently is a subversive organization that preaches biblical values and biblical ethics:

End papers

It was in my mouth as sweet as hone: and as soon as I had eaten it, my belly was bitter. -- Revelation 10.10:

ELKHART, Ind. (AP) — Police investigators say they found the recipe for making methamphetamine in an odd place: in a Bible on the last page of the Book of Revelation. Officers made discovery as they searched an apartment after arresting two people on methamphetamine possession and manufacturing charges Tuesday night. Police Lt. Ed Windbigler said the recipe was handwritten on the bottom of the page.

Guess everybody prepares for End Times

Hour power

Those sinners in Indianapolis are on their way to being saved after saying their Earth Hour prayer at the global-warming altar:

The lights at the shop and some other locations in the city went out at 8:30 p.m. and stayed out for an hour. Sponsored by the World Wildlife Fund, the same observance was planned for the same local times around the globe.

At the shop, candles lit the room, and the lights-out participants expressed dedication.

You're Amish. Deal with it.

People go into therapy because they don't know who they are or are having trouble facing who they are. So why would we find a psychotherapist among the Amish, who are about as comfortable in their own skins as any group in America? Well, we learn, in this fascinating National Public Radio story, some of the kids who go on Rumspringa adventures, sampling the outside world before settling into Amish life, get into trouble with the police and have to go into court-ordered counseling.

It was just a sham day

Drat. Somebody forgot to send me the memo on this, so I screwed up and called St. Patrick's Day St. Patrick's Day yesterday:

Faith and begorrah, is nothing sacred?

Some folks are trying to transform the name of Tuesday's holiday from St. Patrick's Day to “Shamrock Day.”