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The state of the culture

It's an advertising revolution

You can't make this stuff up.

Read what I'm writing?

If 10 things are right for the Bible (that's right, they're commandments, not recommendations), the Bill of Rights (even though No. 9 and No. 10 no longer apply) and David Letterman, why fight it? Here's a good list. Don't agree? Whatever.

The ultimate word on penultimate

I was heading into full language-watchdog-geek mode when I started reading all these reviews of the new Harry Potter book by critics who obviously liked it and kept referring to it as the penultimate book in the series. Alas, I thought, professional writers are loose among us who stiil think that "penultimate" means "ultimate," only more so.

But he had nothing to do with 'Cop Rock'

Let's mourn the passing of Salvatore Lombino, a writer whose influence on American popular culture is far greater than most people realize. Under the pen name Evan Hunter, he wrote quite a few novels, including "Blackboard Jungle," which became the 1955 movie of the same name. That's the film that featured the song "Rock Around the Clock," which had been released earlier but not done too well.