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Tailing the Komets

A few things

Defenseman Erik Patten has a third-degree separated shoulder and will be out four-to-six weeks.

Adirondack has forfeited four points deducted because of using too many veterans Jan. 27 and 28 vs. Missouri and Quad City. All player statistics from the two games will not be affected. This is because of the Dmitri Suur/Rodine screwup.

Port Huron coach and former Komet Paul Willett has been suspended two games tonight and tomorrow for his actions in a game with Kalamazoo last weekend. He basically received too many game misconducts and the suspension is automatic.

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Another question

Who was the shortest Komet?
Michel Briere was a 5-4 forward. He played three games in 1971-72. No, I didn't remember him, but Kevin Leininger did. Anybody got any other contenders? Should goaltenders count in this?
Mike O'Neill was 5-7
Shorty Melanchuk was 6-0
Reynaud Tessier was 5-7
Michel Dufour was 5-6
Dusty Imoo was 5-8 Yeah sure

Anybody got a height for Dan Sanscartier anyone?

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Good for Goodie

The UHL has just named Jonathan Goodwin as it's player of the week.

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A question

This was the discussion in the press box, and I don't know the answer.

Who's the tallest player ever to play for the Komets? Some of the names that came up: St. Pierre, Andy Milne, John Hilworth and Rory Cava. I'm sure there's somebody else obvious I'm missing, too. Anybody got any ideas?

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Ridiculous stat

After today's game, the Komets have gone 11-straight games where their opponents have had more power-play chances than they have. It's been 15-straight games since the Komets have had more power-play opportunities than their opponents. That's simply poor personal discipline and nothing else. You can't blame that on the refs, coaching or anything else. When it goes that long, it's inexcusable.

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Turnaround team

Kalamazoo's locker room was as quiet as I've ever heard after Friday night's 5-4 loss to the Komets. I said hi to Dusty Virag and felt a little guilty for even breaking the silence that much. The Komets' locker room was hopping, as they set themselves up for a possible outstanding weekend and pushed to 19-5-1 over their last 20 games. Any team would take that. They might be able to convince everyone to forget 5-11-2 by the end of the season.

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Sid Chin

They held the funeral today for Sidnette Ann "Sid'' Chin today, and I wanted to say a few words about her if I could. 

I didn't know her personally, but judging by the children she raised, she was a first-class person, and what better way is there to be judged? Her five sons are all excellent people who have represented her extremely well. The best thing about the Chin boys? They all married way over their heads, just like their father.

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Business of hockey

One of the best lessons Ken Ullyot ever taught me is that you have to have someone to play, and teams in a league are not your competitors, they are your partners. It's a business every bit as much as a competition because without one you don't have the other.

You're probably like, where the heck is he going here... No, I didn't have the beer. I've noticed a lot of talk of late about the future of the UHL and where they should be, etc., etc. Always fun discussions to wonder what if.

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Know what that was?

That was a sleepy midweek game during the dog days of the season. Not much exciting going on, except for the Port Huron goaltender, so Komets will take the win and not over-analyze this one. It wasn't good or bad, it just was and they were happy with the win and no injuries to start a string of 12 games in 19 days.

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Chaulk's questionable for Wednesday

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Thanks again

To Mark, Jennifer, Tom, Teresa and David for allowing me to use your quotes with today's rivalry story. If you haven't seen them yet, it's going up on the web as I, uh, type I guess.

The reason that story started was because I walked around the locker room and asked the players who they felt was their favorite rival. There was no consensus at all. A lot of guys had two or three (blasphemy!), which is why I asked the fans in a post a few weeks ago.

Thanks again.

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Some numbers

Things found while looking for something else.
The good:
The Komets are 21-4-3 when scoring first.
The Komets are 20-6-3 against non-division leaders.
The Komets' power play has climbed to fifth in the UHL, and the penalty kill to third.
The Komets have out-scored their opponents 46-29 in the first period.
The Komets are 16-3-1 when leading after the first period and 18-1-1 when leading after the second period.
The Komet shooters have the best shootout percentage in the league at .462.

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The best latest example...

...of why I need to get a life: I was thinking the other day about Paul Willett coming to town for the first time as Port Huron's coach on Wednesday night, and I wondered what the UHL Komets' record was against former Fort Wayne players who became coaches. It's pretty amazing.
Scott Burfoot 4-0-1
Kirk Tomlinson 8-3-1
Shawn Evans 2-1
Brad Jones 9-6-1
Bruce Ramsay 6-2
Donnie Martin 2-0
Lonnie Loach 11-1
Kevin Kaminski 9-4-2
Paul Willett 1-0-1
That includes a 29-7-1 mark at home. Whoda thunk?

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Super Saturday, Super Bowl

Well, how about that third period? I'll tell you, that was one of the quietest locker rooms I've been in for a while.

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About tonight's game

What do you expect to see? It sounds like the team is playing more physical of late, but do you think that will continue tonight? I'm thinking it will if for no other reason than the boys can put Elmira away early if they do, and they realize they have to start performing better at home.

What do you think?

Oh, and hi Preston.

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Need a new topic here

This one comes from Ronn, who wants to know who everybody thinks was the best fighter(s) the Komets have had, and who they have fought against. Now it's easy for everybody to say Fletch, and who could argue, but try to think of specific incidents maybe that stood out for you. Think of opponents as well.

I'll start. Though I didn't see it, Bob Fitchner challenging the entire Flint team in 1973 should have been something, especially when no one had the guts to immediately accept the challenge. Now that's tough.

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Don't forget

Today start's the listing of what former Komets are still playing in the at a glance segment. You can get to it by tapping on the Komets coverage link to the left. If they changed teams within the past three weeks, the listings might be a tad off, but I think they are pretty accurate. It takes about five hours to track them all down, and I'm sure I haven't got them all. Have fun.

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Fans idea page

The Komets have something new on their website and have asked that it be publicized here. They now have a spot on their homepage for ideas and input from fans.


or you can e-mail them at fanideas@komets.com

“The Komets will attempt to respond to All Emails that are presented in a professional, polite, and constructive manner within Two(2) Business Days''

So have at it.

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Kean retires

Komets defenseman Jason Kean announced his retirement today after missing most of the season with a concussion. Kean suffered his third concussion in November, and resumed skating in practice two weeks ago.

``I just was kind of fed up with being injured all the time,'' Kean said. ``I thought about it (before), but I figured it would be all right to go back out and skate again. In practice I felt good, but every time after I would get sick. This has been the worst. It's been tough because it has affected my whole life.''

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How much fun was that?

I didn't get to go to Kalamazoo tonight, but just listening to the game you could tell it was a lot of fun. What I'm wondering is, what did the folks who got to go to Kzoo think? A little role reversal here. You report for me for once. LOL. Who looked good, who looked bad, what was the Chaulk-Turner fight like?

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