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Worst Winter Holiday Photo Contest

When families get together at the holidays, goofy things happen. If you caught one of those crazy moments on camera, we're inviting you to enter the picture in our Worst Winter Holiday Photo Contest. This isn't a contest for bad photos. We're looking for photos that captured awkward, embarrassing or funny family moments at the holidays. The winner will receive a visit from our staff photo expert, who will take a family portrait. We'll provide the winner with a free framed print of the family portrait, as well as a disc containing digital images from the photo shoot. We will accept photo entries today-midnight Nov. 25. You must be a resident of northeast Indiana to enter. Limit one entry per household. No altered photos please. We'll post the top entries on our website, and then readers can go to www.news-sentinel.com Dec. 3 through 5 p.m. Dec. 14 to vote for the winner.

If you can, let us know when and where the photo was taken, or what is happening in the photo.

Browse your computer for the photo submission. The photo must be in .jpg form.