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Feeding the Hungry, one bowl at a time

Photos by Ellie Bogue of The News-Sentinel

Early in the morning, before most people are up and out the door, the volunteers of the St. Mary's Soup Kitchen are hard at work. Thursday morning the soup of the day is split pea. Diane Day, director of the soup kitchen, and creator of all the soups, said a lot of people don't like today's choice, so she doesn't make it very often. Like it or not, it was on the menu that day and volunteers from across Fort Wayne were busy dipping, filling, topping and packing the soup. They were up against a 10 a.m. deadline, when the window of the soup kitchen opens for business.

Diane Day, director of St. Mary's Soup Kitchen, ladles the soup she has made into containers so volunteers can scoop it into 16-ounce serving cups.
Volunteer Leo Stronczek, along with the rest of the Thursday morning volunteer crew, fills serving cups with the soup of the day, split pea.
Maryann Hyder, a volunteer at St. Mary's Soup Kitchen, pours split pea soup into 16-ounce serving containers Thursday morning.
 Volunteers Deb Willig, front, and Edie Clemmer were working together Thursday morning at St. Mary's Soup Kitchen. Willig scooped and filled while Clemmer put on the tops and moved the trays as they became full.
Bob Heiny, 92, St. Mary's Soup Kitchen volunteer, packs the soup into brown paper bags.
Volunteer Leo Stronczek places tops on the containers of soup that he has filled.
Diane Day places soup in the warmer to stay hot for the lunch rush. Holding the door for her is Bob Heiny.
As the morning winds down volunteers Maryann Hyder and Bob Heiny shoot the breeze.
Volunteers Deb Willig and Maryann Hyder look over new family pictures on Hyder's cell phone after their volunteer work is finished Thursday morning.
A few notices along with a cross hang on the wall in the soup kitchen as well as a decoupage message for volunteers that reads " Let all guests be received as Christ."