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Inside Hotel Indiana

Jerry Danielson shares photos from a tour of Hotel Indiana, sometimes commonly called the Indiana Hotel, which is attached in the Embassy Theatre in downtown Fort Wayne.

Hotel Indiana is currently attached to the Embassy Theatre and will be restored.
An upper section of Hotel Indiana. A two-story ballroom, administrative offices, and a roof garden are planned if the Embassy Theatre reaches its $10 million fundraising goal.
A picture of how the Indiana Hotel appeared in its early days hangs on the wall of the Embassy Theatre-Indiana Hotel hallway on the second floor.
The sixth-floor corridor of Hotel Indiana, looking east. Notice the open door transom over the second door on the left?
A shirt has been left hanging in a closet at Hotel Indiana, possibly from one of its last overnight guests.
The entrance to a Hotel Indiana room's bathroom. The step up into the bathroom meant that all the plumbing was installed underneath the tub, sinks, and other appliances. All of the bathrooms had this raised floor feature.
This silverware was found in the wall of the Hoosier Room at Hotel Indiana. "Alsonette Hotels" appeared to be inscribed on the handle of the spoon. That was the name of the company that leased the hotel in 1945.
A laundry ticket with a list of services, including darning socks, informs Hotel Indiana guests of what's available.
A Packard grand piano, built in Fort Wayne, was part of the Indiana Hotel. The Embassy Theatre Foundation hopes to restore the finish of this instrument to its original color.
The original stove hood for the kitchen is in the basement of Hotel Indiana. An original ice box is on the opposite side of the basement. The Embassy Theatre Foundation wants to renovate the old kitchen to include a laundry facility for performers who appear on the Embassy stage.
Old room key for Indiana Hotel.
Lon Chaney, star in "Phantom of the Opera" stayed in Hotel Indiana. (Photo from News-Sentinel archives)
Perry Como, the crooning baritone barber famous for his relaxed vocals, stayed in Hotel Indiana. (Photo from News-Sentinel archives)
Comedy duo Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy stayed in Hotel Indiana. (Photo from News-Sentinel archives)
Marilyn Maxwell and Bob Hope watch a Zollner Piston-Rochester Royal backetball game on Sunday, Nov. 1953 at the Memorial Coliseum. They both have stayed in Hotel Indiana. (Photo from News-Sentinel archives)
Actress and singer Doris Day is pictured in this 1962 photo. Day has also stayed in Hotel Indiana. (Photo from News-Sentinel archives)