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Drop Dead Culinary tips

Laura Wilson, owner of La Dolce Vita in Roanoke, is a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef. She answers questions in her column "Drop Dead Culinary," which appears in The News-Sentinel every other Tuesday. She also provides video demonstrations of cooking techniques and discusses topics related to cooking and  baking. Have a question for Laura? Submit it to clarson@news-sentinel.com.

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Past videos

Know your apples  (4:32)

Kitchen Terms  (6:49)

How to chop vegetables (8:25)

The best way to cut garlic, onions (3:21)

How to cut a pepper (2:03)

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Kitchen gadgets (8:28)

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Culinary knives (9:23)

What to do with leftover Basil (9:42)

How to make whip Cream (6:26)

How to whip egg whites  (7:04)

Savory Palmier (8:24)

Chocolate Palmier (5:17)

Cheese Platter (9:17)