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NS Series: Fort Wayne's All-Time Greatest Athletes


Over time, it's been like Fort Wayne has had it's own fantasy league team we were invested in emotionally during the recent baseball, football and basketball seasons. What exactly would an all-time Fort Wayne fantasy baseball, football or baseball team look like? That's how the idea for the series, "Fort Wayne's All-Time Greatest" started about a year ago. To be considered, players needed to have been born here, discovered here or developed their reputation in Fort Wayne. The amazing thing was how these teams all fit together so easily. The hardest part was whittling a couple of teams down to a regulation roster. We could have easily named three 15-man rosters in college basketball, and many players who were all-conference players were left off. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, and hopefully you'll enjoy the revealing of these teams. It's simply amazing what Fort Wayne-based athletes have accomplished in these sports. We have been truly blessed as a community.





Kevin Kiermaier, OF

Chick Stahl, OF

Max Carey, SS

Everett Scott, SS

Bruce Miller, 3B

Dave Doster, 2B

Brian Reith, P

Matt Kinzer, P

Ned Garver, P

Jarrod Parker, P

Erik Wedge, Manager

Andy Replogle, P

Steve Hargan, P

Ben VanRyn, P

Nemo Leibold, OF

Chuck Klein, OF

Sol White, P

Rollie Zeider, 3B

Bill Wambsganss, 2B

Bill Everitt, 1B

Mike Roesler, P

Brent Gaff, P

Pinky Hargrave, P

Rob Bowen, C

Butch Henline, C

Bubbles Hargrave, C

Terry Hoeppner, Coach

Chandler Harnish, QB

Emil Sitko, RB

Vaughn Dunbar, RB

Jim Kelleher, RB

James Hardy, WR

Tyler Eifert, TE

Jason Fabini, OL

Trai Essex, OL

Scott Auer, OL

Tom Dixon, OL

Sim Nelson, TE

John Deittrich, PK

Stevie Nelson, returner

Johnny Bright, Athlete

Anthony Spencer, DL

Glen Steele, DL

Jon Autry, DL

Fred Arrington, LB

Jaylon Smith, LB

Dieter Heren, LB

Jabar Robinson, LB

Rod Woodson, DB

Bernard Pollard, DB

Landon Feichter, DB

Paul Beery, DB

Jason Baker, P

Joey Eloms, Athlete

Roosevelt Barnes, Special Teams


Brad Miller, C

Tony Miller, G

Eugene Parker, G

Luke Recker, G

Tom Baack, F

Tom Bolyard, F

Steve Platt, F

Mike McCoy, C

DeShaun Thomas, G

Bob Pelkington, F

Paul "Curly" Armstrong, G/F

Ralph Hamilton, F

Herm Schaefer, G

Willie Long, F

Norm Ellenberger, coach

Walter Jordan, F