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Tailing the Komets


Everybody vent!

I'm dead serious about this, everybody get it all out right here and you'll feel better. Why should the rest of the week go this way when you can get at least part of it out of your system right here and now? C'mon, you'll all feel better, and the weather is going to be gorgeous. No profanity or personal attacks, of course.

Then I want to see one thing from each of you that you think will happen during Wednesday's game.

I'll start. Since I pretty much vented in today's column, I'll say my miserable cold is going to let up and the Komets are going to score two power-play goals on Wednesday. Who's next?

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Tue, 04/27/2010 - 5:57pm

10 Min -- Just so you know the IHL supervisor at the game was Jerry Pateman. He is a straight up guy. I would defend him. He had a sheet full of things he was going over with Welker after the game. He saw the slash by Hoagy. Actually both of them. The first one hit the Port Huron play on the back of the leg. The second missed but was a two hander from the reports. It was not for anything that happend to Hodgman. In other words for a retaliation of any kind. When the review started I left as that is between them and really none of my business. I just needed signatures on the score sheets. I hope that helps you out just a little bit.