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Opening Arguments

100,000 blog posters can't be wrong

Here's a scary little Web site, chosen by Yahoo as one of it's "best picks" last week. Let Yahoo explain:

The screenshotfriendly folks over at LiveJournal host thousands of blogs. Now they've donned their white research coats and thrown open the laboratory doors to reveal a thoroughly unnerving tool: The Moodographer, a device that graphs the daily emotions of 100,000 blog posts across the LiveJournal network. When a blogger attaches an emotion to a post (loved, nervous, or irritated, say), the Moodographer notes that feeling, and tracks it. The resulting graphs range from silly ("drunk" feelings slosh upwards on Saturdays) to intriguing (a sudden rise in sadness on July 20th). If all this isn't enough Big Brother for you, prepare yourself. The makers of the mighty Moodographer also hope to use it as a crystal ball -- to predict bloggers' emotions, besides tracking them. Let's just hope they use this power for good.

Posted in: Web/Tech