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Yes, he could

Granted that you can't even run for president without hubris, narcissism and even a touch of I-am-the-center-of-the-universe solipsism, President Obama abuses the privilege. After extolling the virtues of term limits for a chief executive in a speeech in Ethiopia, he goes on to say:

Leading from below

Sometimes we get so obsessed about how big and overreaching the federal government is that we don't pay enough attention to what's going on at the state level:

The "R" word

The language police are on patrol again:

 The governor conducted a ceremonial bill signing Friday for a law that makes the Indiana code more politically correct.

This is all about the “R” word.

It’s a term that was once considered appropriate, but is no longer: retardation.

The liar has no clothes

I think Ted Cruz is going after the same "mad as hell and not going to take it anymore" voters that Donald Trump is applealing to:


Undoubtedly, you've heard about this:

Fort Wayne Community Schools officials have begun discussions to change the Redskins name used by North Side High School for its athletic teams, marching band and school nickname.

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Out there with politics


No sex, please, I'm just a kid


 American teens are having less sex, especially boys.

A pig too far

They must be kicking themselves in Delaware County. Imagine, giving in to the fear of the social media mob, which we know from experience in Indiana can whip up a fine froth of outrage, and then finding out that, oops, you're all alone out there in the PC outfield:

After an early success, a push by animal rights groups to ban pig wrestling at Indiana county fairs appears to be losing steam.

It's not just the tone

Two senior Planned Parenthood officials were caught on undercover videos calmly talking about "crushing" the fetuses of late-term abortions to get their body parts and finding "less crunchy ways" to perform abortions while preserving salable fetal tissue. Kirsten Powers isn't exactly a rightwing fanatic, so her views on the ensuing controversy do not come from blindly following conservative orthodoxy:

Cheap trick

Mr. Lonely

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Back to balance?


Silly question of the day: Sjould "libertarian parents" be strict or permissive?

 This problematic tendency is most pronounced in the ways some libertarians discuss parenting.

The Trump card

With all due respect to the Des Moines Register ("Iowa's leading newspaper"), its editorial about Donald Trump is wrong:

 It's time for Donald Trump to drop out of the race for president of the United States.

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Word power

Interesting words encountered while wandering through the blogosphere.

turpitude (TUR-puh-tood), n. -- vile, shameful or base character; depravity; a vile or depraved act, as in: "When the state tries to stop gambling that is in fact less problematic that the gambling it sponsosrs itself, we can begin to see the depths of its turpitude."

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