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Opening Arguments

Trust and don't verify

I, uh, er, well, jeez, um:

 In a development that incited more opposition in Congress to the Obama administration’s nuclear deal, the U.N. nuclear watchdog agency has given Iran the rare benefit of using its own analysts to inspect a site where it is suspected of working on atomic weapons.

This little side deal "incited more opposition." Gee, do ya think? Use whatever hackneyed comparison you want -- being able to grade your own homework, allowed to determine yourself whether you broke the law -- any treaty deal with a country you don't trust has to be subject to verification. Without it, it's worse than useless, it's actually a bigger threat that having no agreement at all. It's suddenly not hyperbolic to say that this is perhaps the worst agreement in American history:

I’m going to need some time to adjust to the reality that ObamaCare won’t be the biggest pile of sh*t in O’s legacy.

[. . .]

If you’re wondering how often a country suspected of covertly working on a bomb is allowed to report on its own facilities, without the IAEA conducting independent inspections, former UN inspector OIli Heinonen told the AP he’d never heard of such a thing in all his time at the agency. This capitulation, essentially putting Iran on the honor system, is totally unprecedented. 

This comes on a day when The Journal Gazette praises Sen. Joe Donnelly for his "nuanced response" in supporting the Iran deal and Richard Lugar for being "among a small but more thoughtful minority of Republicans who agree with Donnelly."

The congressional vote next month on the treaty with Iran could truly make the difference between peace and war in the Mideast. The clear reasoning of Donnelly and Lugar can help Congress make the right choice.

God almighty. Protect us from the wishful thinkers.