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The state of the culture

Stupid cheaters

Stupid cheaters

Table for one

Remember when social observers decried the effect of television on the evening meal? People were sitting around the tube while they ate instead of conversing civilly across the dining room table, and civilization as we knew it would be doomed. Now, those seems like the communal good old days:

Band of brothers and sisters

Going to pot

Marijuana is one of the issues on which the Republican presidential contenders are going against the tide of public opinion. Although some of the candidates are flexible when it comes to medical marijuana, each of the candidates opposes full legalization. In a recent survey, 53 percent of Americans said they support legalization, compared with 44 percent who were opposed:

Flag burning

Yes, please, take down that awful racist flag. No, not the Confederate flag. The other one. You know the one I'm talking about:

Off Target

Target gets an attack of the gender-equality stupids:

 Next time you’re in Target, don’t bother looking for “boys bedding” or “girls building sets.” That’s because they are being removed so that the sensibilities of some of their customers won’t be disturbed.

Shall we share?

It used to be mostly musicians who could say, "Hey, I got a gig." Now millions are saying it:

Girl power

Lives that matter