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The state of the culture

They're baaack!

A four-letter word that rhymes with duck

Whatever else you can say about newspapers, we're sort of the last bastion of clean and polite language. Any of you who still read newspapers appreciate that, or would you rather we loosenedup a bit? A case can certainly be made for relaxing our rules against profanity:

Jump right in

Why a startup marriage is more satisfying than a merger marriage, from sociologist Charles Murray:

The age of marriage for college graduates has been increasing for decades, and this cultural shift has been a good thing. Many 22-year-olds are saved from bad marriages because they go into relationships at that age assuming that marriage is still out of the question.

No pot jokes today

I remember being surprised if not downright shocked when William F. Buckley, at the time the most prominent conservative thinker around, not only softened his stand on marijuana but even went out beyond the three-mile limit and actually tried the stuff. Now we have Michelle Malkin, no slouch when it comes to conservatism, rethinking the issue for personal reasons:

Food porn

Millennial madness

The kiss

My sister-in-law Michelle in Texas sent out this note upon the death of World War II's Kissing Sailor:

F and N

I have another f-word in mind, as in "this is really f------ stupid."

As the NFL considers banning the use of the n-word among its players, some wonder whether the f-word, a slang term for a homosexual, will be far behind.

Murder is murder

If you thought Wendy Davis, who seems to advocate abortion on demand pretty much all the way up to the actual birth, represented the pro-choice side at its most extreme, guess again:

He's baaaack!

If you've moved beyond the '90s and have no wish to relive them, sorry. If Hillary Clinton runs for the presidency, we're gonna be wallowing in Bill Clinton's libido again: