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Current events

Be afraid

From The Onion -- FBI uncovers al-Qaeda plot to just sit back and enjoy collapse of United States"

WASHINGTON—Putting the nation on alert against what it has described as a “highly credible terrorist threat,” the FBI announced today that it has uncovered a plot by members of al-Qaeda to sit back and enjoy themselves while the United States collapses of its own accord.

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What a waste

I was busy with election-preparation stuff yesterday so I didn't have the chance to blog about this. It doesn't seem any less stupid one day later:

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This land is whose land?

A consensus seems to have been reached about the Cliven Bundy case: 1) He has no legal leg to stnd on in his creative interpretation of government authority leading him to believe he doesn't have to pay no stinkin' grazing fees. But, 2) The federal government so overreached in its reaction (tasering a woman from behind, for God's sake) that it had no choice but to stand down in the face of public disgust.

Fair question

Happy tax day!Check out this Gallup Poll story from yesterday:

As many Americans scramble to prepare their taxes ahead of the April 15 deadline, a majority, 52%, say the amount they have to pay in federal income tax is "too high," while 42% say it is "about right." The percentage who say their taxes are too high has hovered around 50% since 2003, although the current 52% is up from 46% two years ago.

Pardon me for droning on

OK, here's today's callous, rightwing post of ruthless bloodthirstiness. This protect seems misguided a little to me:

Community members take the time to remember innocent casualties of other countries that have been subject to drone attacks.


This just seems so wrong:

The Pulitzer Prizes, journalism's highest honor, will be announced Monday.

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Bullying the bully

Today's reminder that bullies can dish it out but can't take it:

An Ohio man who spent hours on a street corner Sunday with a sign declaring he's a bully says that the punishment in a disorderly conduct case was unfair and that the judge who sentenced him  has ruined his life.

Please don't call me

It's hard for a working stiff not to admire the, um, work ethic in France, "a place that still believes in half-day closing and taking lunch breaks."

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Music in the dark

You know any of those wine snobs who sniff with disdain at your bottle of $10 California cabernet? Give them this article to read:

Ten world-class soloists put costly Stradivarius violins and new, cheaper ones to a blind scientific test. The results may seem off-key to musicians and collectors, but the new instruments won handily.

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RIP, Archie

Oh, for God's sake. The latest sign that the world is spinning madly out of control:

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