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Current events


For worst metropilitan area traffic gridlock, the winner is -- Washington, D.C., followed closely by Los Angeles and New York:

A strong economy and cheap gas have put more motorists on U.S. roads, leading to the worst-ever traffic congestion and forcing the average urban commuter to waste about 42 hours a year stuck in traffic jams, a report released on Wednesday said.

Courage is contagious

Stupid cheaters

Stupid cheaters

Where's the beef?

So, bison is the new beef?

At $47, the bison filet at Eddie Merlot’s steakhouse is just as expensive as the New York strip steak. It’s also half the size.

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Band of brothers and sisters


Hog wild

My favorite story of the week:

 The object of the competition is for the team to wrestle the muddy, slippery pig into the barrel in the shortest amount of time.

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Off Target

Target gets an attack of the gender-equality stupids:

 Next time you’re in Target, don’t bother looking for “boys bedding” or “girls building sets.” That’s because they are being removed so that the sensibilities of some of their customers won’t be disturbed.

Be aware or be square

I have a new favorite phrase:

 It was also found that a next-door neighbor, Ed Mosier, brought over two fire extinguishers and emptied them on the fire before crews could arrive. Fire Chief Jim Steele praise Mosier for his quick thinking and willingness to take action. Steele stated, "He had great situational awareness and put it to work."

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