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Opening Arguments

Off Target

Target gets an attack of the gender-equality stupids:

 Next time you’re in Target, don’t bother looking for “boys bedding” or “girls building sets.” That’s because they are being removed so that the sensibilities of some of their customers won’t be disturbed.

Target, still one of the icons of middle-America retail outlets, apparently heard from their customers that such signage could actually be “harmful.”

[. . .]

The big box retailer announced Friday that it will start phasing out gender-based signage in some departments. The shift comes in response to customer feedback that distinguishing between products for girls and boys is unnecessary and maybe even harmful.

Parents and gender equality advocates welcomed the news as a significant step with potential to inspire other retailers.

[. . .]

Historically, Target used signs to help customers find products faster, the company said in a statement on its website. In some cases it makes sense, like with apparel, where fit and sizing differences between the sexes come into play, the statement said.

“But shopping preferences and needs change and, as guests have pointed out, in some departments like toys, home or entertainment, suggesting products by gender is unnecessary,” the company said.

Yeah, heaven forbid the kids realize that as boys and girls they might like different stuff. That will warp them for life. Get them used to the idea that there are absolutlety no differences between the sexes, then they will grow up to be happy social justice warriors.

When I saw the headline about Target ditching gender-based signs, I thought the story was going to be worse than it was -- no men's or women's clothing departments, just one big clothing department with a bunch of unisex outfits. I suspect they will ease into that policy in the children's department, too.