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Alas, alas

Question asked:

Is America's Jeffersonian decentralist tradition alive, comatose, or irretrievably dead? With Politics on a Human Scale, the Dordt College political scientist Jeff Taylor offers a well-informed, near-encyclopedic examination of when and how America's once-dominant political tradition receded.

And, alas, answered:

Yo, Will, congrats

Traitor's prize

So, the Pulitzer Prize was awared for the reporting based on Edward Snowden's document dump. I don't feel quite as strongly about it as Rep. King:

But today’s announcement of the 2014 Pulitzer Prizes stoked an old debate about whether a former NSA contractor who leaked details about the surveillance programs — among other leaks — is a traitor or a whistleblower. Today, he was the muse of award winners.

Second look

Thank God John Paul Stevens is off the bench -- he's downright dangerous. Here's his op-ed in the Washington Post urging that the Second Amendment be "fixed":

Millennial madness

The kiss

My sister-in-law Michelle in Texas sent out this note upon the death of World War II's Kissing Sailor:

History lesson

James Mann in the New Republic: "Enough with the cliches already: The Obama administration's rhetoric on Russia is accomplishing nothing." This is the one that really grates on my ears:

2. They’re displaying nineteenth century behavior. They need to join the twenty-first century.


Via Ace of Spades, a remembrance of the time when Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar and then-Sen. Barack Obama went to the Ukraine and urged leaders there to destroy their conventional weapons, including 117,000 tons of ammunition and 1.1 million small arms and light weapons and things like shoulder missile launchers and other weapons that could fall into the hands of terrorists:

Not so wild in the streets

The myth: If more people carry guns, the country will become a much more dangerous place. The reality: Could it be that concealed carry has actually made the country safer?

A good day for butter

Of course if they're going to keep pouring trillions down the social-programs rathole, they have to get the money from somewhere. I mean, they can't just print and borrow all of it. So why not gut the nasty old military, starting with a plan to shrink the Army to pre-World II levels. Even some officials are worried about the implications, though: