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Our town


Want to snark on someone? Let's do a smackdown of all the snobs. Some website operator with too much time on his hands looked at 101 places in Indiana with population of 5,000 or more and came up with a "scientifically prove and absolutely irrefutable" list of the  Top 10 Snobbiest Places in Indiana. And the winner is:



For worst metropilitan area traffic gridlock, the winner is -- Washington, D.C., followed closely by Los Angeles and New York:

A strong economy and cheap gas have put more motorists on U.S. roads, leading to the worst-ever traffic congestion and forcing the average urban commuter to waste about 42 hours a year stuck in traffic jams, a report released on Wednesday said.

Sweet sounds

Sometimes, it takes an outsider to remind us of what a big deal something here is. Ed Driscoll does us that favor with his podcast interview of Mitch Gallagher, Editorial Director of Internet Music Giant Sweetwater.com

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Undoubtedly, you've heard about this:

Fort Wayne Community Schools officials have begun discussions to change the Redskins name used by North Side High School for its athletic teams, marching band and school nickname.

[. . .]

There will be a record of this

This is interesting:

FORT WAYNE, Ind. (WANE) – A change to Fort Wayne’s city policies and procedures will require employees to get written permission to record a conversation with another employee.

Indiana is a one-party consent state, meaning a person can record a conversation they are having with another person without the other person knowing.

City election, part 1

We started our interviews with Primary election candidates today, and that effort will eat into my blogging/tweeting time for the next four weeks. So I thought I'd fill in the gap a little with periodic thoughts about the interviews and this year's city contests. Right now I'm thinking I won't use names, but that could change.

Shameless plug

I will be on WFWA, PBS Channel 39, at 7:30 p.m. tomorrow with Journal Gazette Editorial Page Editor Karen Francisco, IPFW's Andy Downs and moderator Bruce Haines for the annual legislative preview edition of "PrimeTime 39." The early consensus among General Assembly watchers is that there won't be anything big or controversial like gay marriage or school prayer this year, so legislators will concentrate on the basics, such as education and a new two-year budget. But we don't always agree with conventional wisdom.

Pay grade

Lot of good reasons for City Council members to give only Clerk Sandy Kennedy a raise and vote no on a raise for themselves. This is the best one:

By a 6-3 vote, members then awarded only Kennedy the raise, with some members expressing discomfort in voting themselves a raise — especially in the same year in which they ended collective bargaining for non-public safety city employees.

Mean and aggressive

OK, negative political ads tend to be misleading. We all know that. Still, one that's on TV now is a little galling.

It's on behalf of Democratic state Senate candidate Jack Morris, and it is, of course, a slam on Republican candidate Liz Brown. She is "mean," the ad says, and "aggressive" and "driven by politics and revenge," all things Morris will banish with, I guess, the politics of niceness.

Ta-ta, Kmart

Kind of a milestone, I guess:

The Kmart stores in Fort Wayne and Decatur will close in early December, the parent company of Kmart said Tuesday.

Both stores will begin liquidation sales Sunday, spokesman Howard Riefs of Sears Holding Company said in an email Tuesday.