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Opening Arguments

Ta-ta, Kmart

Kind of a milestone, I guess:

The Kmart stores in Fort Wayne and Decatur will close in early December, the parent company of Kmart said Tuesday.

Both stores will begin liquidation sales Sunday, spokesman Howard Riefs of Sears Holding Company said in an email Tuesday.

Dow to one Kmart, and now it is closing. When I lived in Wabash lo these many years ago, it was the biggest of deals when the town got its Kmart. It feels like losing the last one in Fort Wayne should be a big deal, but it really isn't. With WalMart and Sam's Club and Target and all the other low-cost places to choose from, Kmart sort of forgot how to be Kmart. And if online commerce gets any bigger, some of those will close, too.

To tell you the truth, it's a much bigger deal to me to lose the restaurants that have food you can't get anywhere else. Why does Indianapolis still get to have an MCL cafeteria but we don't? And how on earth does a town this size not have a single Hardees? I want my Thickburger!