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Opening Arguments

Girl power

"You fight like a girl" isn't quite the insult it used to be:

Bethe Correia learned the hard way at UFC 190 that what goes around comes around.

At the pre-fight staredown, Correia did her best to intimidate Ronda Rousey while saying, "Don't cry."

That would come back to bite her.

Correia had done quite a bit of talking before the showdown, but her mouth would not help her when it came time to step into the Octagon. On Saturday night, Rousey ended the fight in a mere 34 seconds. And she made sure to use her opponent's pre-fight words against her afterward.

As she walked away victorious, Rousey said to Correia, "Don't cry."

[. . .]

Correia's barbs may have been intended to try to get inside of Rousey's head, but the only thing they did was add fuel to the UFC star's fire.

Moral of the story: Don't talk trash if you can't deliver the goods. Man, she's good. She's undefeated, and after seeing that 34-second bout of fighting wizardry, I can see why. In fact, she's so good that it's inevitable someone says she should "man up" and fight one of the men in her weight class. This is a terrible idea for a lot of reasons, the chief one of which is identified by Rousey herself:

“I don’t think it’s a great idea to have a man hitting a woman on television,” Rousey told The Daily Beast on Wednesday. “I’ll never say that I’ll lose, but you could have a girl getting totally beat up on TV by a guy — which is a bad image to put across. With all the football [domestic violence] stuff that’s been happening, not a good idea. It’s fun to theorize about and talk about, but it’s something that’s much better in theory than fact.”

Now she's getting pushed at from, um, a slightly different direction:

But not everyone is celebrating her victory. Social justice warriors are attacking Roussey for comments she made in the past about Fallon Fox, a trans woman MMA fighter, that they allege are transphobic.

First, a little background…

In 2013, Fox — who had competed in two professional MMA fights as a woman — came out as transgendered, setting off a controversy in the MMA world over whether or not an athlete who was born a man should be allowed to compete as a woman.

Fox, who has been competing as a woman since her announcement — including a brutal TKO over Tamikka Brents in 2014 that left Brents with a broken orbital bone, concussion and staples in her head — wants a shot at a fight with the undefeated Roussey.

I thought the bathroom issue was crazy. This is crazier.