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Moving day

We're changing platforms here -- again! -- so if all goes well, this blog will have a new address tomorrow. You can click on the link at www.news-sentinel.com and bookmark the site. I'm off this week, but I hope to get a few posts done, just to make sure the site is working.

In the meantime, here's an interesting article ( www.nytimes.com/2015/08/23/magazine/the-creative-apocalypse-that-wasn't.html/ )on "The creative apocalypse that wasn't."

Snark alert

Not everyone agrees with my opinion that the Fox News candidate questions did a good job:

Debate night

Yeah, I watched the debates last night, both of them, and they weren't as much of a waster of time as I had feared. Certainly it wasn't possible to get an in-depth look at anybody since they all had so little time to speak. But it helps sorting all 17 of them out to just get an overview.

Out there with politics

No early limit, please

I wrote recently about ways the Republican presidential debates could be made less of a sound-bite circus. CNN and Fox, which will broadcast the first two debates, think they've found the answer by limiting participation to candidates who place in the top 10 in polling prior to the debates.  Bad idea. Even 10 is too many people to pay attention to at once. And in the early rounds, everybody should have a shot. Says Stuart Rothenberg:

Ready for a little muppet action?

Is the world really ready for a revival of "The Muppets" that is "more adult"?

President What's-her-name

Hillary Clinton is starting to bore me silly. So are the vacuous pontificators ever on the search for the deep meaning surrounding her candidacy: This is from an actual article in an actual newspaper:

Bald, baby, bald

What a line

It's actually kind of entertaining to watch Hillary Clinton apologists twist themselves into knots to defend the indefensible act of doing government business on a personal email accountt. MSNBC knucklehead Ed Schultz gets the nod for most amusing response:

So long, Spock

Before we elevate Leonard Nimoy to sainthood, a couple of contrarian opinions:

1. Spock was a jerk: