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So long, Spock

Before we elevate Leonard Nimoy to sainthood, a couple of contrarian opinions:

1. Spock was a jerk:



OK, Trekkies and "Star Wars" nerds, this one's for you:  Capt. Kirk vs. Darth Vader.

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Zeroing in on Sniper

There's something I don't understand here:

In spite of the vitriol spewed toward the movie “American Sniper,” Americans flocked to see the Clint Eastwood biopic of the late Navy SEAL Chris Kyle in record numbers.

No libertarians in space

Here's another reason why you shouldn't let politics guide your entertainment choices. I have enjoyed "Start Trek" and all its iterations so much that I could surely be labeled a Trekkie. But it turns out to be the most anti-libertarian show in history:

Dark Side companions

Such sweet sorrow

Hey, it's Stupid Celebrities Amusing Us Monday:

CHRIS Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow held a bizarre separating ceremony to prepare themselves for their imminent divorce.

The estranged A-list pair took part in the oddball spiritual healing ceremony while holidaying in the Bahamas last week.

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Uncoupled and unhinged

I think this, from a Washington Post story about the impending divorced of Gwyenth Paltrow and Christ Martin, is my favorite sentence of the year so far:


Artistic license

Don't you just hate it when they take a good book and turn it into a crappy movie?

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Quiet, children

Groundhog Day Day Day

What with eagerly anticipating the Super Bowl, dejectedly watching the Super Bowl and bitterly resenting having devoted so much time to the Super Bowl, I never got around to looking for the annual showing of "Groundhog Day" yesterday. But since it's become one of my favorite movies and I catch it any chance I can, I didn't mind missing this particular airing. Besides, this commentary came along to fill the void:

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