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Opening Arguments

Uncoupled and unhinged

I think this, from a Washington Post story about the impending divorced of Gwyenth Paltrow and Christ Martin, is my favorite sentence of the year so far:


Paltrow used the word of her split to promote an idea called “conscious uncoupling,” transitioning smoothly from married-lady guru to the woman who is headed for a better divorce than the rest of us.

As opposed to "unconscious coupling," I suppose, which is the way I think a lot of people, especially "celebrities," go into marriage. If coming up with a tidier name for the process (it's called a euphemism, class) makes her deal with it better, fine. But divorce is painful if the two people were serious about the marriage at all.

Ann Althouse thinks the "conscious uncoupling" sentence is just one of the "5 dumbest sentences" in the article.