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Opening Arguments

No libertarians in space

Here's another reason why you shouldn't let politics guide your entertainment choices. I have enjoyed "Start Trek" and all its iterations so much that I could surely be labeled a Trekkie. But it turns out to be the most anti-libertarian show in history:

The original Star Trek takes place in a future where humanity has transcended all forms of warfare and cash transactions. The Starship Enterprise’s adventures throughout the galaxy are supposedly by the Federation’s “prime directive,” which forbids humans from intervening in the domestic affairs of the planets they visit.

And yet when he’s not engaging in zero-gravity sex with an endless procession of comely space aliens, Captain James T. Kirk is mucking around with every civilization from here to the Romulan Neutral Zone like LBJ on Viagra.

Of course science fiction has always envisioned dystopial (mostly) and (occasionally) utopian futures, so the TV show is in good company. And if I'd let politics guide my choices, I would have to have passed on most of the music I've enjoyned all my life. Ain't many Ted Nugents out there.

And just in case you were wondering, here are the best five shows ever for libertarians: The Prisoner, House of Cards, Penn & Teller's BS, The Wire and South Park.