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Opening Arguments

Bald, baby, bald

OMG, Michelle Obama looked practically bald on "Jeopardy!" last night!

But the New York Daily News offered a plausible explanation: “A seemingly shorn Obama presented answers related to healthy eating on the show, but the potential new look could have been created by a camera angle and lighting obscuring her ponytail.”

I'll be darned. "Bad lighting" made her look almost bald. Happens to me all the time, too.

Look, I know there is tremndous social-media pressure to keep coming up with new things to get all exercized about, but this is just silly, The show is taped months in advance, and she's been seen in public scores of times since that. So, you know, proof.

Her appearance was kind of cringe-inducing, though. She commandeered a whole category to promote her healthy-foods agenda. (Wash your canned vegetables to get rid of the sodium!) I hate seeing progaganda sneaking into my favorite games show. If they ever have a global warming category, I'll really be torqued.