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Opening Arguments

Back to the minors?

Yikes. There's flip-flopping, then there's flopping around like a fish out of water:

Scott Walker on Sunday took his third position within seven days on Donald Trump's proposal to end birthright citizenship, this time saying he opposes Trump and supports the policy.

I was an early fan of Walker's -- I think I even posted here that Scott Walker and Marco Rubio might be the GOP dream team. But that was before Donald Trump bulled his way into the primary. All the candidates are having trouble with the bombshells he keeps throwing, but Walker seems to be having the most trouble. It's beginning to look like he might not be quite ready for the national stage.

A certain amount of floundering is understandable. These are complicated questions, and certainly we shouldn't expect any cndidate (except, well, you know who) to have pat answers they're 100 percent certain of. And it's just a fact of life that Republican candidates are going to get a whole lot of "Gotcha!" questions Democrats just don't get.

But this is the Big League. Candidates have to be prepared and thorougly aware of the potential mine fields on the campaign trail.