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Opening Arguments

The advocate

I'm having one of those "I agree with this, but . . ." moments:

Jorge Ramos is an immigration activist posing as a reporter.

He is actually a reporter, or at least a TV news reader, who happens to also be a zealous, intensely focused advocate of a particular position, and he does not leave his advocacy at home when he goes to work. When I went to journalism school, we were taught that w2 should be objective, dispassionate, neutral -- you know all the words. That seems quaint and old-fashioned today. Journalists are less and less inclined to separate their personal opinions from their work.

The only thing that makes Ramos stand out is his single-minded devotion to one idea and his total commitment to using his journalistic position to advance it (“Neutrality is for referees in a football game.”) What is more common in journalists today is that their worldview colors their reporting, often in ways they don't realize and/or won't acknowledge.