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Opening Arguments

Word power

Interesting words encountered in my readings.

disintermediation (dis-in-ter-mee-dee-EY-shun), n.  One meaning is "the act of removing funds from savings banks and placing

them into short-term investments on which the interest-rate yields are higher," which would be pretty hard to use in casual conversation.

But another one is "the elimination of such financial intermediaries as banks and brokers

 in transactions between principals, oftenas a result of deregulation 

and the use of computers," which can be used metaphorically.

The way I saw it used was in this sentence: "Secondly, disintermediating technologies coming out of the coworking spaces in SoMa and Mountain View are putting minorities – disproportionately ethnic, of course – out of work by replacing their jobs with lines of code."

In other words, low-skilled workers are being replaced by robots and other forms of automation.