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Opening Arguments

23-time loser

Indiana lost the world's tallest woman and the world's oldest woman, but, by God, we've still got the world's most married woman:

Wolfe has been married in front of judges and priests, in grand halls and living rooms. The bride wore a white taffeta gown. The bride wore a yellow, two-piece suit. The bride wore denim. She never wrote her own vows. And she always saw the end coming.

Two of her husbands were gay. Two were homeless. A few stepped out on her. One choked her and turned her lip inside out. Another secured the fridge with padlock and chain.

[. . .]

The many husbands of Linda Wolfe include a convict, a vending machine repairman, barmen and brawlers, electricians and plumbers, musicians and machinists. But her final man was a preacher.

Everybody needs a hobby. I guess serial monogamy isn't the worst one you can have.

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Steven T.
Wed, 02/18/2009 - 1:14am

The road to Hell is paved with intentions.