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Opening Arguments

An active council

If you ever get disgusted with city officials here, just imagine how much worse it could be:

ROSELAND — Three days after another fracas and arrest at a Roseland Town Council meeting, some town residents and business owners are optimistic better days are ahead for the community.But they also believe there needs to be a better way to remove public officials from office in Indiana."I would like to see the town get back to what it used to be — one that we were proud and happy to live in," longtime resident Pat Szigeti said Monday.

"I think people need the whole story before they make judgments," she added, referring to the latest incident. "I realize it looked bad. ... It was shocking."

She was talking about Friday night when council member David Snyder, after being ejected from the council meeting, was involved in an altercation with Town Marshal Jack Tiller that was caught by television cameras at the front door of Town Hall.

Snyder said the marshal lunged and pushed him through the door to the Town Hall, causing him to fall, hit his head and lose consciousness. When he awoke, he was being hit in the face by Tiller, he said.

Television video footage shows the officer on top of Snyder, striking him.

Some people in Roseland think Indiana needs a recall law for public officials, which they seem eager to use.  It would probably be used in a lot of cities, come to think of it.