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Opening Arguments

Ah, the boquet!

Mmmmmm, good!

VALPARAISO -- By most accounts, it's disgusting -- a mixture of decaying fruit, sugar and bread that Porter County Sheriff David Lain said "literally smelled like a garbage disposal."

However, guards doing a kitchen sweep recently at Porter County Jail found a batch.

Inmates call it prison hooch, and it's an attempt at making alcohol using whatever items a prisoner can get. And it'll make you sick before you get a buzz off it, Lain said.

"Basically, it's rotting fruit," he said. Instant drink mix can be used for the sugar, and bread is an attempt at providing yeast.

They're learning a trade, OK?


Bob G.
Tue, 09/02/2008 - 9:01am

Qucik...call the freedom from foreign oil gurus...we've just found our latest "alternative fuel" solution...!