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Opening Arguments

All-around failure

As opposed to, you know, the fabulous times over the last 50 years:

Returning to the birthplace of the Cuban revolution for the island's biggest political event, President Raul Castro Saturday night prepared Cubans for tough times ahead.

"As much as we desire to resolve all of our problems, we can't spend more than we have," Castro said under a slight drizzle on a humid night. "To make the best of what we have, it is indispensable to save on everything, most importantly fuel."

Oh, well. Cuba is the perfect case study for the illegitimacy of Communism, the moral blindness of the left in acknoledging that, and the intellectual obtuseness of the right in sticking with an economic boycott despite decades of abject failure.


Bob G.
Mon, 07/28/2008 - 11:03am

Your last paragraph says it all.
(knew there was a reason I liked you aside from being a cat owner and wine lover...lol)

Well said!