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Opening Arguments

Almost flunking

You remember the old joke. What do you call someone who graduated last in the class from medical school? Answer: Doctor. The same principle applies to education:

A 1.33 GPA won't get you into grad school. It certainly won't be impressive to any future employers. And it may even result in loss of funding from dear old Mom and Dad.

Let's face it, a D+ average just isn't that great.

But according to a recently released study by the National Council on Teacher Quality, that's what American schools earn when it comes to retaining good teachers and removing the dead weight. Citing lack of merit pay and the ease of earning tenure, the council awarded Indiana a D for its measures to ensure teacher quality.

That's from an editorial in IU's college paper, the Indiana Daily Student. If college students care about the quality of teachers in our schools, there might be hope for us yet. The editorial's conclusion: "Until a needed, substantive overhaul of our education system can take place, individual schools and administrators must be given more power to evaluate, review and fire ineffective teachers without obstacles like tenure and bureaucratic red tape, which only harms students." Amen.

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