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Opening Arguments

And close that door!

A new dawn in the dark world of Terre Haute politics!

It wasn't quite Shakespeare, but Duke Bennett gave an audience their two hours worth at Harmony Hall Tuesday evening.

Mayor Bennett hosted the third of about 15 planned summits in the theater on North Lafayette Avenue for the 12 Points community, offering an hourlong PowerPoint presentation followed by an hour of open discussion with the 50-plus member audience.

Bennett said his administration has an “open door policy” and, in addition to numerous television and radio shows, he wants to bring communication another step further into the communities themselves.

I've been at this a very long time. I think every new mayor I've ever seen -- in fact, every mayoral candidate I've ever met -- has vowed to have an "open door policy" and "better communications," you know, as opposed to all those rotten previous mayors, who sat muttering in dark corners drinking shots and beer and telling constituents to go to hell when they asked what next year's budget might look like.

I don't think I've ever met a mayor, though, who actually had an open-door policy. When you think about it, that would make it pretty difficult for the mayor to get anything done. What do voters think -- they can just wander into the new mayor's office and shoot the breeze whenever they feel like it? They couldn't even get away with that in Mayberry.