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Opening Arguments

And the Colt they rode in on

The Colts team that showed up for the game against Houston looked like it couldn't beat anybody. The team that showed up last night against the Giants looked like nobody could beat it. How long into the season will it be before we figure out which team is the real one? Going to be interesting.

I agree with this post that the ballyhooed "meeting of the Mannings" was really compelling TV, and also that:

... it wasn't quite as cloying as it might've been. Less because of the Manning family photos on display or the intercut images of Olivia Manning sending text messages than because NBC's Cris Collinsworth is a really excellent announcer. You didn't need to be an expert to see how dazzling Peyton was on Sunday (or how poorly protected and generally out-of-sorts brother Eli was), but Collinsworth's commentary drove home the brilliance with which Manning

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