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Opening Arguments

And not a drop to drink

Just way too cool for words:

It turns out there's lots of water on the moon — at least near the lunar south pole.

The discovery announced Friday comes from an analysis of data from a spacecraft NASA intentionally crashed into the moon last month.

"Indeed, yes, we found water. And we didn't find just a little bit, we found a significant amount," said Anthony Colaprete, the mission's principal investigator at NASA's Ames Research Center.

On the other hand, it is said that this mission was a "public relations dud" because space enthusiasts who "stayed up all night to watch the spectacle" did not see the "promised debris plume in the initial stages." Bwwaaaa, we mad! No see explosion like told! We want spectacle, we want spectacle! We not amused, so thrill us.

Damn, people. Water on the moon!